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Reviews: Our Policies

***** UPDATE *****

At the start of COVID in March 2020, we received an anonymous 1 star review which was promptly followed by several more 1 star reviews on Google that evening. Typically, we will receive several 5 star reviews per month from genuine customers that we can identify in our system. We have received over 20 one-star Google ratings in one months time. It's not normal or accurate for this timeline and our reputation.

This particular barrage of 1 star reviews is from an anonymous disgruntled person who is familiar with the staff at United Uniforms / Sew Shore. The "names" they are using to post these negative reviews are the names of friends and family of United Uniforms / Sew Shore staff. These anonymous reviews have continued for months. Some reviews even go as far as pointing out body odors and personal details, which would normally be immediately removed by Google.

Google has essentially been "out-of-office" during this COVID period and we have only received auto replies when flagging these reviews. We are also working with Third Party Google affiliates, investigators, and attorneys to isolate and remove the issue. We are hoping to identify the IP address and resolve the false narrative in place of our 5 star ratings.

If you feel these reviews might impact your desire to shop with us or use our services, we encourage you to reach out to our owner about these reviews and the historical evidence we have regarding these false reviews. We will no longer support the Google review platform until their reporting system returns to normal. In the meantime, we will continue our strong business of 30+ years and let our work speak for itself. Our work load and growing list of clientele is no lie. We believe our clientele can easily sniff out the truth as well.

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If our customers aren’t happy, then we’re not happy! To make sure our customers always have a positive experience, we’ve designed a generous, fair and transparent store policy that has been in place for 30+ years. We take your feedback seriously and encourage all clients to reach out to a manager or owner with issues.

At United Uniforms / Sew Shore, we have a detailed client base in our point-of-sale system. There is not a single quote, purchase, or service that we provide WITHOUT having a client's information in our point of sale system. We will dismiss any review left anonymously or with a name that is not part of our clientele database, and we will respond with a generic message stating this and including a link to this page.

While we aim for perfection, we realize that we can make mistakes. It's very rare that any of these issues would constitute a true 1 star review rating. However, we are quick to correct & appease those who communicate with us. Additionally, we will sincerely apologize for our errors.

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