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UPS Strike looms... How does this impact our company and your business?

You may have heard through national news sources that a potential strike at UPS on August 1st could significantly disrupt deliveries for the remainder of the summer. The last time a UPS strike occurred was in 1997, lasted 15 days, and caused tremendous disruption in the shipping and parcel industry.

Should a strike occur, we will have the option of an array of shipping partners to get your orders delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please be aware that the rates of our other shipping partners are significantly higher than our designated preferred carrier rates and can impact product pricing and shipping fees.

It's important to recognize that FedEx, USPS, DHL and other shipping entities will likely become overwhelmed with the influx of new shipments. Delays should be expected in the scenario of an actual strike.

This is not a first for retailers, but it will be a significant impact in the era of e-commerce. We understand the significant difficulties your business may experience from a potential strike. We will do our best to monitor the situation and adjust when possible to provide the best service available in such occasions. We will communicate this with you when placing orders during an active strike.

We encourage you to review your ordering needs, and if possible, submit your orders as soon as possible to help mitigate the risk of shipment and transit delays in the event of a strike in the coming weeks. Timely orders are also encouraged as our rush services may be limited to immediately available inventory. Service are estimates and are subject to change.

Please reach out to a store manager at either of our locations should you have any further questions or concerns. We thank you for taking the time to read this. Your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated during this period.

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