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Sew Shore Embroidery Continues 3 Decades in Naples

After a successful 30-year run, Steve Sherman, founder of Sew Shore Embroidery in Naples, recently retired and handed his business over to Jason Marshall and Albert Saliev.

Sherman, a retired police officer, opened Sew Shore in 1986 in downtown Naples. It was the only embroidery business in Naples at the time. The business established Sherman to restaurants, hotels and hospitals, noticing the equipment and digital setup he was equipped with in his shop.

Sherman got recognition from the Disney hotels, Guy Harvey and the Ritz Carlton, which catapulted him into success in the first five years of his business. He marketed and sold products during the day, and ran the machines at night and on the weekends. It was a two-person job he and one helper worked at for three years.

“Anybody who’s going to start a business in Naples, Florida, on a $10,000 police pension, better be ready to work really hard for a few years,” Sherman said. “I did my due-diligence and got over my financial hump.”

Sherman’s store in Naples was the first embroidery business to have ever received a machine head that had a disk drive. The salesman told Sherman he was getting the first machine in the country with this technology. It was the first computerization of a factory machine.

“I was right on the cusp of that historic transition of automating machinery,” Sherman said. “It was historic, it was very interesting. Just like every other piece of machinery out there, mine went through the transition of archaic to state of the art in the last 30 years.”

Sherman eventually expanded Sew Shore’s operations and provided alteration services. It carried the local area’s first collection of uniforms.

After 30 years of working diligently in his factory, Sherman felt as though it was time for him to step down and take on a less-stressful and demanding job. He sold his company to Marshall, who brought in a new-aged perspective and made changes to the store, including an expansion.

“When I jumped on board here, I saw an opportunity,” Marshall said. “There are a lot of things that Steve needs to be proud of. It’s impressive that a business can be around for 30 years through recessions and everything, but it’s also exciting for me to step on with a fresh pair of eyes. The responsibility is huge.”

Sew Shore recently expanded and opened a second store in North Naples. The business provides services such as embroidery, screen-printing and alterations. They provide services to local businesses, medical scrubs, law enforcement, fire departments, school uniforms and apparel for salons and spas.

“Jason has worked really hard expanding the store to the benefit of all those hardworking nurses and hospital workers in our great Naples community,” Courtney Park, medical retail manager, said. “Watching the growth and positive reception of our new location has been truly exciting.”

Although Marshall says one of his main goals was to always take care of his backyard here in Naples, he also has goals of expanding the shop. He eventually wants to become the uniform destination for people to go to.

“My goal is to constantly improve,” Marshall said. “With my staff, we’re able to do that. I love the people here, some of them are veterans and some of them are new hires. Everybody that’s here wants to be here and I think we can make this all happen.”

After 30 years of transition and success, Sew Shore continues to advance the shop. Sherman built a business that received recognition from all over and accomplished an established shop that made it through some of the toughest economical times. Now, Marshall and Saliev take over, continuing the development of the business to achieve their ultimate goal of expanding nationwide.

“People have lived through the history of the shop for 30 years,” Marshall said. “They know the story, and now they need to know that we have evolved and are on to the next phase now.”

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Sew Shore Comment & Edit – The parent company of Sew Shore is United Uniforms USA, Inc.  Our retail operations are identified as United Uniformswith services provided by Sew Shore.  Our new location is located in North Naples at Green Tree Plaza at the corners of Immokalee and Airport Road.  The address is 2340 Immokalee Road Naples, FL 34110.  Our flagship store is located at 3845 Beck Blvd. Naples, FL 34114 in Tollgate plaza at the corner of Davis Blvd & Collier Blvd.  Our original operation began in Downtown Naples but, current business resides at these two locations aforementioned.
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