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6 Tips for Laundering Scrubs in the Age of Coronavirus

As we all adjust to new habits and norms in the age of the Coronavirus, we will be posting good practices that we are picking up along the way. The following post comes courtesy of the team over at Koi Designer Scrubs. Click here for the original link.

Because experts don't know how long coronavirus remains infectious on scrubs or other clothing, here are some tips for disinfecting and laundering scrubs and other garments that may have been exposed to COVID-19.

1. Keep contaminated garments separate.Scrubs and clothing that have potentially been exposed to coronavirus should be kept in a separate laundry bin or bag until it's time to do the wash. If possible, use a washable or disposable liner in your laundry bin.

2. Wear disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry.Then discard after each use. If using reusable gloves, use them only for items exposed to the virus and store them in a separate bag. Wash your hands immediately after gloves are removed.

3. Do not shake dirty laundry.This will reduce the possibility of dispersing the virus through the air.

4. Wash scrubs as you normally would.Using your regular laundry detergent is fine. Machine wash in warm or the warmest water setting appropriate for your garments.

5. Dry items completely.Dry fabrics are less likely to transfer germs than wet fabrics. Using a dryer may be better than hang drying as the heat may help inactivate any virus microbes. However, be careful not to over dry, as this can lead to color fading.

6. Clean and disinfect exposed surfaces.After doing your laundry, disinfect surfaces that may have been exposed to the virus, such as the door pull of your washer and your laundry bin or hamper. And, of course, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

In addition to the above tips, to extend the life of your scrubs, we recommend:

  • Turn garments inside out before washing

  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener

  • Tumble dry low and remove promptly

  • Do not use dryer sheets

  • Do not dry clean

Stay safe,

The koi team

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