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Dear Student:

As a student of Lorenzo Walker Technical College (LWTC), uniforms are required to be worn to all classes and in all clinical areas. Two complete uniform sets (with program embroidery on the top for Practical Nursing, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, and Surgical Technology) must be purchased to ensure that 1 clean and unwrinkled uniform is always available for wear. The wearing of uniforms helps identify you and projects to other healthcare providers, staff, clients, and patients a proffesional image. You will have options in some clothing styles; however, for others the identified item must be purchased. Some items are not permitted to be worn at any time during your course of study and are identified on these pages and in the student handbook, example, open-backed shoes / clogs.

To achieve a professional appearance, the clothing is expected to be of an appropriate size, therefore, clothing too large or too tight is unaccapetable and you will be asked to make appropriate adjustments. The individuals at Sew Shore and United Uniforms are there to assist you in this area. It is highly recommended that you allow their experience in working with individuals and uniforms to help guide you in what is best for you.

Sew Shore & United Uniforms provide a generous discount to LWTC students to ensure the lowest prices available for uniforms. Sew Shore is the only authorized provider for LWTC embroidered logos. Items purchased at Sew Shore and United Uniforms receive a flat $6 rate for embroidery. Uniforms provided by the student, or purchased elsewhere will be charged standard retail prices for embroidery. Sew Shore and United Uniforms discount for LWTC students includes apparel, accessories, and footwear.

Please consult your student handbook for complete uniform rules of all department programs. Required items are referenced by type of program.

Note: All students must have required uniform items not later than 3 weeks after the start of class or as designated by their instructor. Allow 10-12 working days, weekends and holidays excluded, for uniform turnaround times.

LWTC Policy: Our Policies
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